Tea Detox Secrets

Health Benefits of Organic Tea

Dandelion leaf organic tea detox

Detoxify & Cleanse

Dandelion leaf helps the liver to flush toxins and reduces water retention in the body.
goji berries organic tea detox

Health & Wellness

High in antioxidants, Goji berry and Oolong tea leaf assist in general health and wellbeing.
Pu-erh leaf organic tea detox

Assist Weightloss

Pu-erh leaf, an ancient Chinese green tea leaf has a thermogenic effect on the body - increasing the metabolic rate and decreasing fat storage.
chrysanthemum organic tea detox

Improve Energy & Vitality

Chrysanthemum is well-known for its use as a pick-me-up and provides an all-natural boost in energy levels.  
14 Day Tea Detox and Weightloss Program

14 Day Organic Tea Detox

The 14 Day Organic Tea Detox is an all-natural detoxification and weight loss program designed to help kickstart a healthier you. Comes with 28 individually foil-wrapped pyramid tea bags for convenience and maximum freshness.

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